Buying In Lincoln Park? Get Expert Representation

Lincoln Park offers a wide selection of real estate for buyers - high rises, walk-ups, single family homes, townhomes, and co-ops. With such a diverse selection of real estate and large number of properties, finding the right property to purchase takes local expertise. Jeff can help you evaluate the available housing options for your search and give you keen advice on:

  • Location - Lincoln Park offers many different sub-neighborhoods to consider that impact lifestyle and value
  • Building health - With buildings ranging in age from new construction to 100+ years old, it is important to understand capital needs a building or home may have when purchasing in Lincoln Park
  • Rental restrictions - many high rise buildings have implemented these in various forms over the last 5 to 10 years in Lincoln Park
  • Upcoming construction projects nearby that can impact views and value
  • Renovations and improvements that could add value to a property

What Makes Working With Jeff Different?

  • Access to off-market and unlisted properties available through an extensive network
  • Great pulse on the local real estate market in Lincoln Park
  • Highly communicative and tech savvy approach to buying
  • Proactively screen and filter properties to save you time
  • Expert level knowledge of the neighborhood and buildings in Lincoln Park
  • Ability to assist buyers with diverse budgets and preferences
  • Keen guidance to make your home buying process as smooth and effortless as possible
Lincoln Park Chicago Virtually Stage Photo Courtesy Roomhance Virtual Staging